Statement on Call Display Issues

February 19, 2021

It has come to my attention that when constituents receive a phone call from my constituency office in Whitby the display on some Android phones comes up as Jim Flaherty.

The late Jim Flaherty was a decent and honourable public servant who served our community and country with distinction for many years. There is no intention of disrespecting or dishonouring the Late Jim Flaherty or his legacy.

I have been working with the House of Commons Information Technology team to find a solution to this problem. Bell Canada has changed the name on their network to reflect my name.

Unfortunately, this particular change must come from Google directly to be displayed properly on Android devices. My team has been in touch with Google to advocate for this change to take place.

We are sorry for the unintended impact on anyone that this situation may have caused.


Ryan Turnbull Member of Parliament for Whitby

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